Gained 60lbs on my squats in 3 months

  1. Gained 60lbs on my squats in 3 months

    Ok, if you want to know how I did it, here's my secret. Only work out your upper body for 5 years, then decide, "hey, I should probably work everything" and then start squatting heavy. It's sad when your squats finally catch up with your bench. But newbie gains are awesome, even if I'm not a newbie per se.

    Sorry for the partially misleading thread title . I was just stoked b/c I hit my goal today on squat before I went on vacation for 10 days.

  2. lol, awesome.

  3. haha thats exactly what i did. started a few months back struggling to squat 135lbs 10 i'm only a little bit embarrassed on leg day.

  4. I went all out on legs this last couple of years. I was tired of dreading leg days. I used the leg press as my core excercise despite what many suggest. It did help me boost my squats and deads quite a bit.

    IMO, it's hard to get good progress on squats and dead if you have no spotter and are afraid of hurting yourself..which is a distinct possibility for those excercises. By using the leg press, I built up some stability which helped me ease into the other excercises better...but then my back has always been strong.

    I still don't push huge numbers on squats(usually sub 300) and I use the wheelbarrel type dead machine(500-600lbs) because I have already injured myself doing regular deads. Leg press I can go up to 1000lbs without as much fear of destroying something important.

  5. i am the exact same but i only worked my upper body for 2 years
    and then i got a shoulder injury in my left rotator cuff
    so i started to hit legs hardcore
    i went from 135 6 times
    to 235 6 times
    and that was only in about 2 months
    i also only weigh 165 lbs

  6. Legs explode (strength wise) easily it seems. Took about a year off of legs after an injury, came back, and legs strength over shot by 42lbs.

    Bioman, If you really pushed squats, what do you think your 3 rep max would be?

  7. ya man forsure
    ive only worked out my legs for 2 months
    squats started at 135
    now 235 about 5 or 6 times
    and my deadlifts went from 185 to 295 5 times

  8. Same thing here... I haven't squatted since high school, but for the last 2 months I've been working legs and running at least 3 times per week, and last friday I squatted 335 5 times parallel, weighing in at 177... I could probably max about 375 right now, which would be a PR for me... Now if I can just get my bench up another 50 lbs. so I can crush my old PR on that!


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