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    Is there a site that shows you brief video clips, good quality, of a lot of different lifts? Just to get a quick idea of what the lift is about and possibly get an idea about proper form?


  2. youtube, just type in the movement you want to see. watch a couple of them to be sure though, some of those young ****s don't have a clue.

  3. Thanks for the reply!

    Youtube's a bit hit or miss, I think--especially if you don't know how to do the exercise and you try to follow along with what you see.

    I was hoping for something like http://exrx.net/Lists/ExList/ChestWt.html#anchor165455 only with better quality video.

    Kind of nice to have a list of exercises grouped by body part, but SO much more could be done that I thought someone might have done it

  4. what movements in particular you looking for?

  5. Nothing in particular; just looking for a good resource right now.



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