Iron Addict Training update: HUGE PROBLEM!

  1. Iron Addict Training update: HUGE PROBLEM!

    I don't have anywhere else to put this extra muscle .

    I got through my t1-pro cycle with flying colors and I was curious as to whether not IA would yield me the same gains when my test levels were normal. To tell you the truth I was amazed considering my strength had been going up all three weeks following post cycle! I didnt work my legs much before training with him but even when I did I couldn't get them to really grow much. My squat went from 175 x 6 to 260 x 6 (in less then three months) and went from dipping 70 lbs x [email protected] to dipping 100 lbs x [email protected] I can finally say that I am that much closer to competing although I know it takes time. I just want to say to anyone out there struggling with your training, TRY HIM OUT, what do yo uhave to lose? Hell even if your not struggling and just want that extra edge.. there is a money back gaurentee so why not? If any of you have questions about his training PM me.

  2. Great job man. I have been searching around for awhile now to change up my routine to something more HIT, and have been reading IA's stuff. If I had any money at all, which I don't, I'd love to have him help me out. For now though, I'm just going to read around and try it myself.

  3. yeah i switched to him cause i should be playing football at university of florida here soon and needed to have the extra oompff if ya know what i mean.. also i would like to compete one day and plan on staying with him till i hit that 220 mark

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