Very interesting conversation, 2" on the arms in one year?

  1. Very interesting conversation, 2" on the arms in one year?

    I was at a restaurant yesterday and seen this guy at the bar with some huge arms.... My wife said his build was like mine but is arms where bigger.... Well I walked by him and he said "Dude, how long you been working out".... I told him about 4-5 years faithfully...He said, me to.. I asked how he got his arms so big... This is what he told me.... I started working out in 2002, I work every body part once a week... Arms on Monday, Chest Tuesday, off Wednesday, Shoulders & Legs Thursday off Friday Back on Saturdays, off Sunday then repeat (changing things up every 8 weeks).... He told me what his workout was like (close to mine)...
    Well he said, About a year ago his arms flexed was 17.5"
    up from his 14" in 2001 (he always did 2 exercises for biceps and 2 for triceps (4 sets x 8)..... Last year he said he kept working out each body part once a week except his arms.... On Mondays he would do 4-5 exercises on his biceps 4 sets x 8 reps, going heavy.... The following Monday he would do the same but only his triceps.... This means he was working out them 2 muscle groups every other week.... He said his arms are just under 20" now one year later.... Could this be true? He said recovery is your best friend (I knew that).... He said, tear the hell out of them one week and let them heal for two weeks.... He did one cycle of superdrol about 9 months ago...... I'm wondering if this is something I should try?

  2. Interesting theory.. I've never heard of that before, but hey, It could work.

  3. It always seems a bit weird when I hear guys doing the same thing for a year + at a time and they keep making gains (makes me jealous I guess). I seem to get accustomed to this stuff fairly quickly. Im sure this would work though.

    Sorta reminds me of the opposite of purposely overtraining a muscle group then letting it rest for a period of time (I think Christian Thibideau has some articles on this).

    It would be cool to maybe hit bi's/tri's every other week like this guy for a couple months then start hitting bi's/tri's twice a week for a couple months. I would think that would produce some results.

  4. Same deal for me. I made the best gains on my biceps when I just didn't do them. heavy rows and chins/pull downs seemed to build them nicely.

  5. Well the more I think about it...... Every exercises you do with your upper body, you are using your arms in some sort of way.

  6. I integrated a Heavy Duty workout routine somewhat similar to what that guy was saying about the whole 1 week thing. In my expierence I did NOT gain anything from it, and thus have stuck to the HST routine as of now which give me more consistant results. Putting aside 'what my muscles respond to'...I spent several weeks trying to utilize the heavy duty system in a way that it punishes the muscles, but after experimenting with it for about 4.5 months is extremely minimal results I stopped.

    I did it natural and I was not using gear which heavily affects recovery time. All it did was overwhellem my CNS system and overtrained my muscles. I personally believe it gets to a point where you beat the hell out of your muscles and there is nothing to gain at that point.

  7. yeah again what works for 1 person may be useless for another.

  8. I think that guys plan worked for him, but everyone's genetics are different. I can do a half assed workout for my arms and they'll stay huge (in reference to the rest of my body), but I gotta bust my ass to keep my chest strong. My workout partner is the opposite. His chest/shoulders are ridiculous, but his arms are tiny. Just gotta get to know your strengths and weaknesses to find what will work for you. Experimentation and open-mindedness is always a good idea for this. JMO.


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