Elbows flared pushdown

  1. Elbows flared pushdown

    I've been trying to utilize the tricep pushdown with the elbows flared out. I'm not quite sure how I am supposed to stand because it seems like I would need to literally lean over the bar in order to get the full effects. Only problem is that the cable is in the way. Do I just keep my elbows out, with a wide grip on the bar, and lean forward as much as possible while pushing down ?

    I've also heard mixed reviews about this exercise.

  2. put your head on one side of the cable and lean over a bit. I dont see how the cable would really be in the way too much. Its somewhat like a bench press from the standing position pushing down tho.

  3. what piston said.. I've been doing those the past few weeks, love em.. Mimicks C/G decline BB. Just lean your head to one side and lean forward a bit, not too much. Really burns the tri's.

  4. yeah i like them from time to time too. when i want to go really heavy

  5. How heavy are the cables you guys are using? Mine only goes up to 150 and I can handle that with strict form

  6. Mine are 150 as well, pretty much maxed them out so when I do them, I usually do them for my first exercise and go to 15-20 reps to warm up for the rest of my tri workout

  7. I'll try it again sometime. My trap is pushing against the cable when I'm leaving forward. Maybe im leaning in too much.


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