what grip for bench press?

  1. what grip for bench press?

    so im doing a 5x5 routine, but i was just thinking that ive basically been doing a wide grip for bench press for the past year or so.
    the question is, what grip do u guys think hits more muscle groups (more of a compound move): wide, medium or close grip? im thinkin that a medium grip would be best, but would like ur opinions.

  2. "A wider net puts more fish in the basket"

    The medium grip is gonna be your jack of all trades, master of none. Personally, I like to do a combination of wide and close grips. wide to work the chest, and close to hit the triceps.
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  3. i feel like if i go too wide it hits the outter pecs a lot...i'm only 5'8 and i have pretty short arms but i think a touch wider than shoulder width is a pretty good bet

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