Mike "Mule" Miller Benches 730lbs at Bench America

  1. Thumbs up Mike "Mule" Miller Benches 730lbs at Bench America

    Congrats to all Militia Lifters at Bench America. The meet was held in Chicago... and for you guys that dont know, Mike (Mule) is a mod at CompetitiveMuscle and an absolute horse and he threw up a crisp 730 at Bench America.... very impessive..

  2. uh... "crisp" 730? how about damn near unbelievable them fellas are true freaks. very impressiveis right, definitely gotta salute that!

  3. mule is huge...I've seen pictures of him from the gotfina board...

  4. I don't know if you guys all know about this site but there's some cool powerlifting videos.........



  5. Ok?? What about Mendelson. Got 825 of something? And attemtped 900 but didn't quite get it. People say he hit 875 without troubles in training too. I t hink hes entering another meet in a week or somethign like that so watch out.

  6. Im posting this about Mule because he's a good friend and he posts and spends his time on several message boards.

  7. Oh ok. I just never got why you were posting about him. Ya hes a great guy Ive seen him post in alot of places, hes definitely a beast.


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