starting point for abs

  1. starting point for abs

    so wat is the general consensus as to how the lay person should begin training their abs? high reps low weight or low reps high weight? also how many exercises, sets, which exercises and how often? i just need a starting point; i dont want to start another argument.

    i used to be around 5-6% bf when i ran xcountry and didnt have the six pack abs, only a little bit of abs up top close to my pecs, so bf isnt the issue, i just need more mass. im bulking now, so im not anywhere near that low of bf, but i no that i need more lower ab mass. thanks for the advice.

  2. if you where 5-6bf% all of you abbs would be showing like crazy. every one has abbs naturally its just the fat covering them up. What you need to do is eat really lean. Do cardio and have heart rate around 130-140. I would start out with high reps low weight.

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