Stupied Question!!!

  1. Stupied Question!!!

    when i train my biceps my tendons hurt after the workout. it really doesn't feel like i worked my biceps rather it feels like i worked my elbow but the inside of my elbow if you know what i'm talking about. its where the forearm connect to the upper arm but on the inside like when you get your blood pressure taken.
    is this normal or has thi happen to anyone else?
    how do you fix this problem?


  2. When you work biceps you also work your tendons and connector muscles in your elbow and upper forearm. When I first started lifting I had a similar issue and still do to an extent when I try to do preacher curls. Try and use stricter form on your exercises and lighter weight. It may be that your tendons and connectors are not at the point where they can lift what your biceps (with the help of your shoulders) can lift.

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