Pain in my calf

  1. Pain in my calf

    So today I was in the pool throwing the football with some buddies. I dove for a pass and felt a sharp pain in my left calf. I reached down to feel it and the muscle was rock hard. The pain wouldn't go away and the muscle wouldn't loosen up until I stood on that leg. Now my calf has been sore all day. Something similar has happened a few times. What's going on?

  2. could be a number of reasons why youre experiencing calf pain. i often experience the same kind of excruciating sensation, usually at night if i stretch the wrong way. make sure youre stretching thoroughly pre and post workout. drink often and stay well hydrated. potassium deficiency is also a common cause of muscle soreness, so eat a banana or two every day and take a good multi vitamin and the pain should go away

  3. Question

    Yes, just yesterday, I was doing one-legged calf raises, when on my first heavy set , (after light warm-up). My right calf had a stabbing pain. It's kind of liked it popped, but I didn't hear it do so. I've read that if indeed it is a tear, there should be some bruising and blood pooling in the lower region above the heel. Is this true? I don't want a false sense of hope, but there is no bruising or blood pooling. Do you think it will be allright soon? Someone please help!!!

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