1. traps

    i just can't get my traps to pop, i do shrugs till i can't do them anymore but my traps just don't pop. any ideas out there.. or is it just the way some people are built?

  2. Heavy :dl:

  3. Rack pulls, or deads as SS suggests. You'll feel the DOMS in the traps the next day.

  4. Heavy back work in general taxes the traps along with upright rows.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. That reminds me, I really need to start doing rack pulls.

  6. I don't know how I forgot cleans.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. Yeah, cleans too! :clean: I can't even think about attempting a clean. My wrist is too f'd up.

    As far as how heavy for deads... sets w/ 75+ % 1RM I think are most effective.

  8. +1 with the opinions of all these FINE YOUNG GENTLEMEN!

    I'd revert to that old thumb rule type thing, where compound lifts are always the best way to go for size.. body just adapts better due to the much heavier weight (in comparison to isolation lifts that is).

  9. No "Men's Health" BS here, only solid advice on this thread.

  10. Sup guys,

    This is a good way of doing it:

    1 week regular deadlifts
    1 week rack deads go reeeaal heavy
    1 week regular deadlifts
    1 week rack deads

    and keep alternating.

  11. nice replies all... so heaviest weight possible? what about ramping up until fatigue... shoulder shrugs.. 50's, 60's, 70's 80's... or ramping down?

  12. To really get my traps to pop I worked them out 2x a week.

    Deads or Racks
    Barbell rows
    Barbell Shurgs supersetted with behind the back shurgs

    Clean and press- I need to get back to doing these
    DB shurgs supersetted with barbell shurgs

    All as heavy as I could go for at least 6-10 reps

    Sometimes I would superset rows or deads with shurgs. I like to change things alot. I superset alot too. Also I used drop sets after my last set.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by speedpastu View Post
    nice replies all... so heaviest weight possible? what about ramping up until fatigue... shoulder shrugs.. 50's, 60's, 70's 80's... or ramping down?
    Heavy weight for the compound lifts...
    "Heaviest" weight possible implies that in your compound movements, you can do more weight. Not exactly balls out big time 1-rep deadlifts. Just the fact that your body will allow you to do more weight during the compound lifts.

    For isolation exercises, I've never seen the purpose to drop the reps below 8 reps. In this case, I'd even say to drop shrugs entirely. You just won't need them if you do a solid 5 sets of good deadlifting/powercleaning.
    But, if you really want to, 1 set after the powerlifting could top it off for you. IMO, 1 set of 10-12 reps is good after the compound lifts, with a relatively easy weight that allows the ENTIRE motion correctly done.

    I'd say to try more powerlifting techniques for a few weeks, and I think you'll really see some results!

  14. Cleans, close grip upright rows.

  15. IMO, heavy shrugs are the best.

    Of course, heavy w/ full ROM, not the 2" shrugs I see guys do w/ 315.
  16. traps

    great advice on deads and cleans. ever since making these a mainstay in my workouts my traps have grown more and more.I have found that alt deads and rack pulls and alt full clean/press with power cleans has helped alot. i like to do those and then do high rep stuff like DB shrugs, DB pulls into the armpits,cable rope rows to the neck(getting a good flex in the romboids).you can also try progressive pulls where you start with a couple of full clean/presses add weight do cleans add weight do high pulls add weight do deads until you cant go anymore.but beware of overtraining as these really tax them every other week use squats on the other week 20 rep heavy bar resting on your traps type squats. good luck and may your traps grow over your ears!

  17. if ur gym has a smith i jsut put on 2 45s and do reverse grip for 3 sets and reg grip for 3 sets..u will feel it with the reverse alot. try em

  18. High Pulls 3x10, heavy

    You will see unbelievable growth if you do these consistently for a month

  19. hell ya the kelso shrug book! a must for those who want to look and feel powerful not just look 'buff'. you could switch it up with snatch grip power shrugs also.

  20. Someone pointed out my trap development 2 weeks after i started cleans.

    Also, supinated, heavy, chinups seem to work my traps a good bit.


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