New Squat machine

  1. New Squat machine

    This just came out from tuffstuff, was wondering what people think of it.

    "Concave footplate design eases pressure on knees, feet and ankles"

  2. I don't know about that, it looks really awkward, leaning backward?. Maybe its just the picture. I would love to have a home gym though.

  3. Thats the thing, I dont know if its really safe or not, its new and I am not familiar with squats so I wouldnt know.

  4. I love doing squats. That just doesn't look right to me though.

  5. it doesnt look like you can go all the way down, and i would be afraind of falling from that thing

  6. I beleive you are supposed to try to point your toes up during a squat. I have used something similar in my gym and I kinda liked it. It was useful when my back was on the mend..helped to insure proper form etc...although this model had a weight stack and only went up to 300.
  7. bump for more comments

    I have been thinking about getting this, since bioman's post I am back to leaning on yes.

    if I do I will be ordering it in 12 hours.

  8. as an accessory movement...

    u can't beat this :squat:

  9. What I did like about it was that I felt I could go all out without, you know, killing myself. You'll miss out on some of the stabilizer muscle recruitment from free squats. My back has healed and I have gone back to free squats..but I do use the wheelbarrel style dead machine now which enables me to pull a lot more wieght safely.

  10. I've used a similar machine and I love it! I'm a tad over 6'6" and when doing A2G squats, it's virtually impossible for me to not have my knees travel over my feet. These eliminate that and you can lift waaaay more weight because, I think, psycologically you just feel safe. Plus you can also use it to do standing calf raises. I would say to go for it! Good luck man. Oh how much does this cost? I may be interested in getting one. EDIT: Now that I looked at it again, I don't like how it has that bar that would limit how far down you can go w/it. I think there are better models out there.

  11. I dont think I want it anymore. Its pretty much almost like a standing leg press, I thought about breaking off those stoppers but then it might or might not be ackward going ATG on that because of the angle of everything.

    Its under tuffstuffs residential line so I would assume about $400US.


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