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Overtraining - Taking a Week OFF Poll

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  1. Overtraining - Taking a Week OFF Poll

    read a lot about overtraining and taking a break from workout routine. a lot of advocates recommend taking 5 days to a week off all excercise all together every few months.

    i know i seem to respond well to time off. if i give myself a week off i come back stronger than before. and often times bigger.

    i'd like to hear what everyone else here does. is a week long break a good thing once in awhile and how many of you do it?

  2. I routinely take a week off after training for about 12 weeks. I use this time to recharge mentally and physically.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  3. Take a week off if you're feeling overtrained. Not worth risk hurting yourself

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    I routinely take a week off after training for about 12 weeks. I use this time to recharge mentally and physically.
    x2 on this.

  5. I think age plays a big part in this equation. I need more time off now at 39 than ever before. I used to go all out for six months before taking a week off, then it was three months with a week off, since this past fall I have been doing 8 weeks with a week off. I think the rest has made me feel better all around and hasn't negatively impacted performance.

  6. Looks like I should be taking more time off than what I do.
    When I feel like a bag of wet hammers, and have a hard time walking up the stairs - I know my workout is going to suck, and I either take a break that day, or I just do light cardio.

    As weird as it may sound, I almost don't know what to do with myself for a full week during my routine workout time, lol. Maybe I'll just stretch or something or go for a walk.

  7. i don't schedule deloads. i know it's time when i start missing lifts and my joints start balking.

  8. I take a week or even 10 days off all the time..like every other month and it does not impact my performance negatively. Quite the opposite really, I recover better and maintain mass easier.

  9. This is a huge one...I went 3 years with no time off and paid the price,no gains,muscle loss,no pump lethargic ect..

    I force myself to take 4 or 5 days off every 6 months or so and wow what a difference..

  10. i take 1 week off every 8 weeks. Come back feeling stronger and more mentally focused. But usually I get a minor injury that prevents me from working out for a week or longer so it works out haha.

  11. I tend to take a week or so off 1-3 times per year. I don't take time off as much as I should because....well....I love training!

    Some protocols (like the HST method) suggest taking 1-2 weeks off every 6-8 weeks.
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  12. it is beneficial to take time off from time to time to allow your body to reset and recover from the fatigue, as fitness will last 3x longer than fatigue. The fatigue is good for adaptation and muscle/cns stimulation, but too much is detrimental. That is why programs are meant to balance over-reaching and underreaching.

    and there is a distinct difference between overtraining and over reaching

    over-reaching: training into fatigue, whereby performance is quickly recovered after short rest period, often to a point above its previous level.

    overtraining: chronic overreaching buils up, causing a regression in performance

    here is a good article on the topic, and smart planning

  13. I started taking time off when I was training Max-OT a few years back. While I do not train the same now, I still use many of the principles, including frequent breaks.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  14. Quote Originally Posted by billm311 View Post

    here is a good article on the topic, and smart planning
    nice article. thanks!

  15. I take some weekend off never more than that though

  16. I travel a lot (usually 1-2x per month), sometimes just a long weekend (which means I don't workout for 3-4 days) and sometimes a full week. I just use these as my breaks. If you're overtraining then you'll know it, if you're paying attention. Gains slow or stop, you're tired, no motivation...

  17. Thats where I got this from Rodja. Max-ot. Ive been doing Max-ot for a couple years now. I used to not take breaks and since I started taking them strength and everything is soo much better. I take a week break once every eight weeks or when I feel my body needs it. Many times I think we take a break when its not time, when what we really need is a day, two break or three break. Right now I feel like taking a break but I know my body can handle it for another two weeks and than im done my training protocol , then Ill take a break. You've got to know when to fold them, and when to roll.
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  18. I deffinitky don't take off as much as I should be, but then again im young and very stubborn

  19. Yeah it is hard to intentionally take a week off because between minor injuries, sickness or going away, I have that time to recover.

  20. I did my scheduled week off after 10 weeks this summer and then hit it hard for another 2 weeks then had to go on vacation, here I sit now and after both breaks came back stronger and ready to hit it hard, I am a little more sore this time around post workout, but I think I have a little more energy so I'v hit it harder the past 2 days

  21. I just like to take 3 or 4 days off in a row every three weeks. I feel that by doing that, I can train pretty much full throttle all the time and not have to take a whole week off to recoup. A week without gymtime drives me insane

  22. i've actually changed my routine recently and now feel that i don't need to take a full week off any longer to rest.

    i used to take every set to failure for months on end and found my strenght actually start to decline a little unless i took a week off. it appears that i was probably severly wearing down my CNS.

    since i've started incorporating only one week each month where i take sets to failure, i seem to be getting better results and don't ever feel like i need a full week off.

    i still think it is good to take a few days off from all lifting from time to time.

  23. Does anyone change their diet aroudn in their week off? more food, less food etc?

  24. I keep my diet consistent, depending on what I am trying to achieve (bulk, cut) If anything eat more on your week off because thats when you are resting the most, thus promoting maximum growth.

  25. I take a week off when I feel like i'm not gaining anything in lifts, weight, and size. usually every 3 months or so. Then when I come back I hit it hard and comletely shock my mucles back into it and start the gaining process all over again.

  26. I also take a full week off every 12 weeks or so, whether my body tells me to or not..

  27. Quote Originally Posted by Australian made View Post
    Does anyone change their diet aroudn in their week off? more food, less food etc?
    I have more time to cook without the training so I tend to ease off on the shakes. For example, two 1-scoop shakes per day instead of three 2-scoop shakes per day.

    I take 7 days off every 10 weeks. The first week of returning to the gym is rough, but I see a lot of enhanced response from weeks 2 on.

  28. Quote Originally Posted by Australian made View Post
    Does anyone change their diet aroudn in their week off? more food, less food etc?
    I tend to have a cheat every day practically just to recharge myself mentally. If I was to look at the numbers, I would probably be in kcal surplus of about 300-500 kcals/day.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  29. Quote Originally Posted by Australian made View Post
    Does anyone change their diet aroudn in their week off? more food, less food etc?
    When my belly says "Feed Me!" That's when I eat. When it says "I'm about full." That's when I stop eating. That's how it goes regardless of how I'm training that day.

    Forcing more food down the hatch has only shown to add more fat than muscle for me.
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  30. i try to take a week off after about every 3 months before switching to a new routine. If im feeling fatigued and overtrained, i take off 2 weeks. It tends to help a lot breaking through before unbreakable plateaus

  31. on a typical structured week i only train 4 / 7 days.. which means that i regularly have 3 days of rest incorporated into my regimen. however, if i just don't feel like lifting i will not lift, b/c i know that my workout will be counterproductive. if i don't sleep well the night before, i will not lift for the same reason. for me, it really depends upon my mood each day.

    i always feel like **** tho whenever i take a number of days off continually. i "deflate" and feel soft. so i try to stay in the gym, though i may not be lifting heavily.

    i believe in the concept of progressively over and under reaching. training heavy for a wihle then intentionally training light should naturally help your muscles adapt while not becoming overly fatigued. this combined w a few regular off days works pretty nicely i've found

  32. I voted in the "no time off lower training intensity" Simply because I train as a way to relieve stress, but now I'm going to take more time off more frequently after reading this thread. My body is worn out and I need the breaks anyways.

  33. thank you for that article. I think im going to take a week off myself

  34. hit it hard 7 days a weeekek fooo shooo

    (haha only 5 days a week, i only need the weekend to recover...i use this time to play ball)

  35. i trained hard for about 3 weeks straight and felt very exhausted the rest of the day. so i had to take 5 days off.

    tomorrow is my last day and ill come back to see if i lost any strength

  36. im thinkin about changing up my recovery a little bit and trying out what Layne Norton does. Deload and workout at 70% intensity for 2 weeks. I think i might find a happy medium here in that, I minimize the risk of any atrophy however minimal by taking one week off and by deloading for 2 weeks instead of one I get more rest than if I would deload for only 1 week.

  37. Right now I take about a week off every 3 weeks. It works great.

  38. At one point in my life I was going to the gym for an hour each day and playing volleyball for 6 hours per day on the beach for one year straight without a break trying to go pro. I got big and ripped and had a 40 inch vertical. Then out of nowhere I suddenly could not play volleyball. I lost all of the fundamentals and was losing to some of the worst players. I was totally over trained on volleyball if you could believe it!! After two weeks of playing like a newbie instead of a semi pro I took two weeks off. I came back playing the best of my life. I guess over training can happen in many different ways.

    I do have to listen to my body and if I am always feeling like hell during and after workouts then I do have to take time off.

  39. Most people on these boards over-train as opposed to not getting enough. I really don't understand the amount of people that follow workout splits that are almost verbatim to the bodybuilder routines in Flex. Doing that crap will inevitably lead to burnout much faster than the big roided freaks.

    Doing a sensible and limited amount of volume with high intensity and a dose of extended release common sense will do you right.

    You can be a sprinter and do 15 minutes of ball busting (each to his/her own limits) sprint intervals 2-3 times per week and perform a full-body resistance training regimen 2 times per week for 30-40 minutes and with a wholesome diet (not talking about some idiotic CKD or whatever) you can stay ripped and get huge all year round.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  40. one week off every 8-10 weeks


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