Please critique my leg day :)

  1. Question Please critique my leg day :)

    Doing a 5x5 routine:

    Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls
    Calf Raises

    I'm thinking 1 more excercise would be good after leg curls, but I really don't know what would be best for overall leg development and strength... So what sounds good?

  2. lunges or leg press...definitly

  3. Quote Originally Posted by FitModel View Post
    lunges or leg press...definitly
    Thanks! I do believe I'll go with the Legpress.

  4. yes dude leg press all they way. it feels SO GOOD.

  5. I was thinking press as well.

  6. i would do the leg presses after squats...lunges are awesome to man not 5 reps each leg but 10-12 and you get better sweep and seperation from quad and hams..just a thought. try em both


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