bicep/chest spasms

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    bicep/chest spasms

    For a good 6 months I've been having horrible bicep and chest cramps. During my workouts I will feel tight or "pumped" but then, for example, my biceps will cramp up doing curls. From that point on for the remainder of the day I will be unable to raise my arm and contract my bicept w/o experiencing a horrible cramp. Same thing w/ my chest on chest days. If i dare allow my chest to contract then I will cramp. It has become so painful that I have my workout partner help me take my shirt off on my bicep and chest days...I physically can't do it.

    I've done it all: crazy ammounts of water, sport drinks, upped sodium intake, carbed up, self myofascial release (foam rolling), stretched.

    I've heard that aside from the BP affects, Celery Seed may actually aid in muscle spasms. I'm gonna give it a try soon, but are there any other remedies (suppelement or not) that I should give a try?

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    Have you tried Taurine? I had that same problem when I'd do a heavy back day. My biceps would cramp up for the rest of the day starting about an hour or so after my workout. Taurine solved the problem for me.

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