lower back pain/spasms.......help!

  1. lower back pain/spasms.......help!

    I switched back to strength training after years of regular training. I have had low back pain/spasms in the past, so I have avoided deadlifts and squats by substituting rack pulls and smith machine squats. I'm sure these exercises have weakened my lower back. Been doing a 5 x 5 for the last 5 weeks, I really like the workout, however, I have had to take extra days off. I purchased an Inzer belt last week and felt that it was extremely helpful. My most recent session went well, but since, I feel even more pain in my low back, feels very stiff, what I am assuming are spasms. What can I do to try to rectify this before I must see a doctor. I really hate to have to quit this training. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

  2. do some spinal flossing movements, but don't static stretch.

    warm that piece up thoroughly before you lift.

    do birddogs and planks every day, but especially before you lift.

    Stretch out your hip flexors (staticly will work here)

    Get off the smith machine. Its not easier for your back.

    If compression is the problem, try front squats or even single leg movements. (lunges are SO easy on my back, with good form)

    Deadlift light, from the floor. Skip the rackpulls for a couple weeks.

    I have a bulging disc, and am very active, including sprinting, playing sports, and lifting as heavy as my muscles can handle. The only time i aggrevate my back is when i lose neutral spine position (flexion usually) and there is compression. Twice it has happened gettin' low on the dance floor. Takes a few days til its back to full strength/no pain.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Thanks.................I have gotten away from both smith and rack pulls, that is when the pain has started. Just wondering if maybe my technique is flawed.

  4. Perhaps it is. Can you get someone to check your form?

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