anyone ever have a hernia?

  1. anyone ever have a hernia?

    A couple of weeks ago I noticed a bulge or lump that appeared below my lower abdomen close to my right groin. The lump is not painfull, at times a bit tender, but it comes and goes and when it is there I can press on it without discomfort.

    I am fairly certain this is a inguinal or femoral hernia as it meets all the symptoms of those. I had some intial concern that it might be a tumor as I am a colon cancer survivor and that is where my first concerns immediatly went.
    I am seeing my phsyician tommorow, actually my oncologist, but i am pretty certain he will confirm what i think that it is a hernia.

    I know these almost always require surgery and I will need to lay off the training for some time. I guess my question is if anyone else went through this or had a hernia and treatment if they can give me some idea what to expect during and afterwards. I really never take time off from the gym. My last extended leave was 7 years ago after my colon cancer surgery when I took about 4 weeks off (they told me to take 6-8). I even lifted all through chemo. I expect if i have the surgery i will be anxoius to return to the gym as soon as possible. I did read the Graham Black a European professional bodybuilder had hernia surgery on a Friday and was back at the gym on a monday. Could this be right? If anyone has any personal experience on this i would really appreciate your insight. I know what i have reserached but not much covered recover relative to gym rat lifestyle. thanks !


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  3. Search hernia in thread title

  4. I had an inguinal hernia a few years ago, recovery was a bit longer than they said, if you have a low impact desk job than maybe 4 weeks would do but not for me, it was 12 weeks before I was back to full bore but i did have a few things that prolonged the recovery I can go into detail if you don't find what you need elsewhere.

  5. update on this.
    I had the surgery on June 29, 2007.
    I went on vacation for 2 weeks.

    Visited my surgeon on July 13 and he said I was good to go except for ab work and that i shoud wait 2 more weeks for that. I started lifting that day 2 weels exactly after the operation. It took about 2 weeks of lifting to get back to my regular strength level but since then I have been good to go.

    In case anyone else searches this in the future.


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