tried a new leg routine today, I like it!

  1. tried a new leg routine today, I like it!

    Today I changed up my leg routine a bit, as I have noticed that my hamstring development seemed to be lacking a bit in comparison with my quads, and due to time constraints I'll be trying out a 3 day split for awhile.

    Anyway, to get to the point here's what I did for legs today:

    6 sets parallel back squats, pyramidding weight up with each set (3 warmup sets in effect)
    3 sets deep front squats (damn near passed out on last set of these!)
    3 sets standing calf raises
    2 sets still legged deadlifts
    2 sets full deadlifts

    For the most part I was working in the 8-10 rep range, I'm on a superone+ cycle at the moment so I figured I could get away with the extra volume right now.

    If I'm not sore as hell tomorrow, I think I'll actually be disappointed...

  2. you got the all the goods as far as leg exercise goes. back then front squats are always my first two leg exercises. presses has its place as well.

  3. supersetting deads and leg curls has always worked wonders for me, but I like your program. Nothing like heavy compunds to get you size!

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