willpower is the greatest musclebuilder

  1. willpower is the greatest musclebuilder

    i recently injured my left shoulder
    and havnt been able to work out my upper body for about a month. During the 2 years i have been working out
    i have been rather narrow minded only working my upper body. Recently though i have decided to become more open minded and become a complete bodybuilder.
    About a month ago when i started my physio
    I hated the fact i could not go to the gym. So i started working out my legs about 3 times a week and through very hard work and the fact that i push myself to the limit every workout the strength in my legs has skyrocketed.

    day one of my leg workout(about a month ago)
    i do 4 sets of squats(ass to the grass)
    and 4 sets of deadlifts

    i started out 2 sets at 135 lbs-10 reps
    third set at 145lbs-10 reps
    fourth set at 155lbs-6 reps

    i started out at
    2 sets 175lbs-12 reps
    third at 185lbs-9 reps
    fourth at 195lbs- 6 reps

    now i am doing
    first 2 sets 175lbs-12 reps
    third set at 185lbs-9 reps
    and fourth set at 205lbs-6 reps

    first 2 sets at 205 lbs-12 reps
    third set at 225lbs-10 reps
    fourth set at 245lbs-9 reps

    it just goes to show if you have the mind set and the will power to push your self
    you can succeed in the gym and out


  2. Willpower can conquer anything.

  3. will power got me through a cocain addiction

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