Weak forearms

  1. Weak forearms

    Past month my forearms have been hurting like hell when I put stress on them from doing bi curls or skullcrushers... preachers are the worst. Even though I do forearm excercises they seem to strengthen at a slower rate then the rest of my arms. So pretty much I am straining them causing lots of pain. When I do flat bar curls it kills... hammers don't hurt. It hurts to put pressure on my fingers while keeping them straight. Anyone had this issure before? Should I just keep working them more and hope to strengthen them up? Is it possible this is bone pain?

    Any forearms routines you guys know are effective would be great.

  2. Ok I read up on a great post already on the forums. Pretty much answered my probs. I'll look next time before I waste ppls time lol sry.

  3. try to limit inflammation by icing and using ibuprophen, joints ligaments and tendons can't heal if they are inflammed, muscles dont grow well with inflammed connective tissue, good luck.

  4. I had some forearm pain a few years ago while doing preacher curls with an ez-curl bar. I switched to dumbells and the pain was gone within 1 week. I did take cissus as well so maybe it wasn't the change in my program but it's something to consider

  5. I used to barbell curl, it hurt in the way you described. So i...stopped doing them.

    There's plenty of stuff you can do for biceps (i don't even curl at all anymore, just chins and rows.)



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