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  1. Question Frontal body Question

    Okie ive been hardcore training for a while now currently taking

    EFA's + Cee + Protein Etc.. But i just cant seem to form those perfect tear drop pecs or those nice abs i kinda have that body of a hour glass forming :-/ so i dunno what to do... my arms are cut up and so is my back.. but those two r my problem spots... maybe more reps? more sets? what you guys think... and im 21 5'11 175~lbz

  2. Hey bro, I'd be more then happy to give you my 2 cents, and I'm sure a lot of other guys would too...

    Post up your workout routine (as detailed as possible)

    and diet...

  3. Question My routine currently

    Workout 2 on 1 off


    Day 1
    4 sets @ 10 reps
    Bench Press -10
    Incline Bench Press - 10
    Flyes - 10
    Front Shoulder Press -10

    3 sets @ 10 reps
    DB Lateral Raise - 10 Reps
    Cable Front Shoulder Raise - 10 Reps
    Shrugs - 10
    Tricep Bench Dips - 10
    Tricep Pushdowns - 10
    Kickbacks - 10 Reps
    Own Ab routine

    Leg Press - 10
    Leg Extensions - 10
    3sets @10
    Lying Leg Curls -
    DB Stiff Leg Deadlifts -
    Seated Calf Raise - 15 Reps

    4sets @ 10

    Front Pullups - 10
    Wide Grip Pullups- 10

    3sets @10
    T Bar Row -
    Seated Wide Grip Row -
    Rear Lat Pulldown -
    Incline Bench Curl -
    Preacher Curls -
    Reverse Curls -
    Own ab routine

    I was going up in weight every 2 weeks after 2 full routines a week. But results were becoming minimal... so i started listening to my friend about changing my routine every week so that i can maximize my growing potential b/c you are constantly affecting your fast/slow twitch fibers...

    For diet i mainly eat Tuna/ Eggs / Chicken / Oatmeal or Whole grain cereal. No fast food no drinking no garbage basically lol Occasional carbs.. like whole wheat bread
    About 100~200gs protein a day i try for

    Tell me what you think

  4. I personally take in between 350 and 400 grams of protein a day...I forget my exact ratio but it is about 55P/35C/20F and like 3500cals...

    You need to eat to put on weight.

    I would personally change the routine quite a bit too.
    You're overtraining like crazy...and I NEVER use that word...

    I'll try and get more specific in a minute...

  5. What do you do for your ab routine?

  6. I would switch things up to a more classic routine...I personally like High Volume Training, Hitting each muscle group once a week. Working out 4 or 5 times a week.

    As far as your lifts for chest, drop the reps a little and conentrate on adding some weight. I'd go with...

    Flat Bench would go something like: warmup set, a set of 8, with the 8th rep being pretty hard to complete, then another with 6 reps at a higher weight, then another with 4 reps at a higher weight. Hopefully that last rep would need to be assisted.

    This would promote hypertrophy...

    And for abs, I like body weight exercises, but different ones everyday. One day I do some swixx ball crunches, maybe 4 sets of 30. The next I'lll do hanging leg raises at 4 sets of 15 (holding the final raise for 5 seconds). The next will be decline crunches for 4 sets of 25. Get creative with it, ya know.

    I've see guys that do no ab work and have amazing abs too... These guys will do a lot of big lifts like squats, deads, ect. without a belt, to hit those stabalizer muscles.

    I like to change routines every 3 months...but again that is up to preference.
  7. Thnx

    Thank you and for abs we do some crazy routine and maybe that makes sense im just over working my muscles thus they cant repair + grow :-/

    For abs
    We do about 15-20 different excercises hitting everyaspect of the abdominal section.. they are getting stronger.. but maybe i need to work on diet.. b/c i can feel that they like a rock but nothing to show for it :-/


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