Poll: How many month after surgery could u start lifting

How long did you start lifting after shoulder surgery

  1. How long did you start lifting after shoulder surgery

    What's up guys it's been a while since my last thread mainly because i stopped lifting for a month. I dislocated my shoulder and i was wondering how long it took for some of you guys to start lifting again. After the injury it took me a month and a half to start lifting at 100%. If i didn't injury my rotator cuff on my opposite shoulder i wouldn't have gotten surgery. I think my opposite shoulder was compensating for the left one. So what do u guys think the doctor told me 4 months maximum. By the way he said for a shoulder surgery it's minimal i mean i was dumbell pressing 85 for 3 *10. So, anyone who's been through this @#[email protected] give me some feedback.

  2. Best rule of thumb is, if it hurts, don't do it. Listen to your body, it will let you know if you're doing too much too soon. Start light when it's feeling ok, and work your way back up. Be careful of pushing it too hard, you don't want any set-backs. Those are frustrating as hell!!

    Good luck

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