love handles / calves

  1. love handles / calves

    best workout for lovehandles, i don't have them yet but i am scared they are coming, i do crunches, twisting crunches, grab a 45 plate and hold it out and twist, keep the 45 plate down by my side and pull up with the other side, any other ideas? i will not allow myself to get love handles, also for bigger calves is a full up and down movement on the calf raise better than smaller faster movements

  2. Dude- Training your obliques isn't going to prevent you from storing fat in your lovehandle area. That's all diet.

  3. obviously, there still have to be some good workouts for that area.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by speedpastu View Post
    obviously, there still have to be some good workouts for that area.
    He was just referring to the way you said doing these exercises would prevent lovehandles. Anyways, I wouldn't recommend doing weighted Side Bends(holding a plate on one side and pulling up with the other). Most weighted oblique exercises will just bulk up that area and make your waist look even thicker.

    As for calves, I like to switch it up sometimes by doing full ROM sometimes and just the top half ROM other times.

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