Help w/ Knee Problem

  1. Help w/ Knee Problem

    This has been an off and on thing for years with my right knee when I'm training steadily...

    There is no "injury", no trauma, no awkward twist, no moment during a heavy lift that leads to it. It "feels weird" more than it hurts, like it is out of place or there is bone on bone or something.

    It usually comes and goes and corrects itself after a few days, and feels perfectly normal for months and then feels off for much shorter periods of time. Right now it's been over two weeks and I'm kinda worried...

    It pops all day. Or I should say, I can pop it all day, just by planting my foot and turning inward a little bit. It's a similar sensation to cracking your neck or fingers. Most of the time I feel the discomfort in my knee cap, other times I can feel it in the tendon in the back.

    After taking two weeks off from squatting/deadlifting, and thinking it made some improvement, I squatted yesterday. It popped a lot the lower I bended at the bottom of the squat. The popping didn't hurt too bad, it was just weird... After three sets of squats it was kinda swollen and hurt a bit, so I stopped on the legs. Today it doesn't hurt any more than it has in the past two weeks.

    I'm taking Glucosamine/Chrondroitin/MSM. I finished a bottle of 40% Cissus, which I bought to help with a wrist injury and IMO did nothing.

    Does anybody ever experience anything like this? Any suggestions/advice?

  2. Sorry to hear it. Could be a torn meniscus. Be careful, I had the same thing. Held off for awhile until I could barely walk. Unfortunately, I ended up tearing the articular cartiladge and needed microfracture surgery. I was on crutches 8 weeks. You could be doing more damage, you should go to a an Orthopeadic surgeon. You may need an MRI. Mine was so bad, he could tell right there in the office on the first visit that I needed surgery.

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  3. My guess is that it was torn cartilage that now has scar tissue around it. I have the same problem in my right knee and it is more of a nuisance that anything.
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