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    Hey, is it okay, or is it bad, that i split my delt workouts.


    On my chest/tri day I hit the delts with Benchpress, dumbbell press, and incline dumbell press.

    And on my Back/bi day, i always do delts at the end, like military dumbbell press, and dumbel side raises.

    I figure im hitting my front on chest day, and the top and back on back day.

    My arms are always sooo tired on chest day, that I can barely lift them at the end, so the delt workout would probably suffer on that day.

    Any comments appreciated... Thanks


  2. Yea I would think it would be alright. Just make sure you have enough time in between workouts for your delts to recuperate. Many people feel that you can easily overtrain your shoulders because there involved in so many movements. I'm not one to preach about overtraining but I see it as being perfectly fine to do this. Maybe since its also on back and bi day you could work some upright rows into the mix.

  3. yeah
    my back day
    is pull ups/downs
    i dont know the name of the rows, but im sort of squatting/standing and im rowing... but on a machine type thing
    And some seated rows
    some times db rows
    then i do full range bi curls ona preacher machine
    and then db curls
    bb curls
    and or hammer curls
    then the delt workout


  4. your back/bi workout, topped off with some shoulder training sounds like a lot of volume for one day man. how many days is your split? (3 days, with the addition of legs?)
    Also, sounds like you talking about T-bar rows. if of the best ones out there. you will see some gyms without a machine and individuals *like me*, stick a bar ina corner and row with a v-bar attachment. you didnt give too much info on the number of sets but again, looking at your back/bi routine, that just sounds like a lot.

  5. Havok just one thing : on chest day, you hit the front delt.

    On back/bi day, you might want to skip the military press, as that mainly stresses the front delt as well, which might be too much. Some good old upright rowing might be a better choice, just as TheCSWFighter indicated.

    This stresses all three delt heads, and you can go heavy on those, provided you control the movement, ESPECIALLY AT THE BOTTOM. You can vary this with a cable upright rowing, Heavy upright rowing, etc.

    Of course, there is a very complete list of exercises at ... Just select exercise at the top then 3.Shoulder exercises... They have like 50 deltoid movements!



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