Rest-pause HIT

  1. Rest-pause HIT

    I'm compiling info on HIT in hopes to create a good workout routine and I'm reading up on a training method known as rest pause. From what I understand, it's a method that focuses on lifting your 90-95% 1 max weight for 5-6 set singles, taking quick breaths in between reps for 10-15 seconds.

    I'm still finding it hard to visualize how this would be tho. If you're benching per say, would you press the weight once, then hold in mid air for 10-15 seconds, then press it again and just go till complete failure?

  2. Never go by a percent of your 1RM, that will assume fiber-type ratios which you may not have. (I know they're always WAY off for me).

    Choose a weight that you can do 1 and a half reps with. Perform 1 rep, take a 10-20second break, rinse and repeat. Make sure to use a spotter or safety restraints when necessary (i.e. bench press, squats, etc.)
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  3. Doesn't this lead to short muscles? As opposed to more elongated ones?

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