What's your favorite Triceps exercise?

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  1. What's your favorite Triceps exercise?

    I'm trying to expand my horizons on triceps training (definitely one of my more lagging parts), just wondering how everyone else is training their tri's.
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  2. I haven't done this exercise in a while, but I like close grip bench press for triceps.

  3. I've normally done CG decline Bench (bringing the bar to the neck) and cable pushdowns.

    I guess I'm really interested to see your whole triceps workouts.
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  4. Try a flat bench close grip. Dips are also good. You can align yourself to specifically target triceps...My triceps have always stuck out naturally, but I don't do anything special really.

  5. Skull crushers, incline, decline, flat, with a bar or db's, LOVE em, also pushdowns, over head cable extensions, close grip bench on the hammer flat bench is a favourite of mine as well. Cable kickbacks as well, i like alot of unilateral movements too.
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  6. Close Grip, Overhead Extensions w/ a Bar, Pushdowns are pretty much all that I use. Hits all heads and causes enough overload for size and strength.

  7. I love doing dumbell tricep extensions on a steep incline. We train in my buddys garage, and he's got this old school incline-only bench that he had made about 30 years ago. It stimulates my tri's better than any other exercise and tri's are my strongest/best bodypart.

  8. Incline tri extensions(with cg curl bar) work for a good shock
    Tri Extensions(skull crushes) again gc curl bar
    Cable Pushdowns(hands at sides)
    Over-head cables
    Dips(weighted)-different positions facing away or toward, cg,wg
    CG bench bench also decline cgbp
    Heavy Db tri extentions
    Heavy behind the head curl bar tri extensions with partner spotting you seated
    Theres so many more.... Triceps has always been a stronger area my right elbow has been aching the past two years but I work around it. Im gonna to use a wrap around it next time
  9. Triceps

    Overhead Ext. (single hand)
    Overhand Ext. (doule hand)
    Cable Push Downs
    Cable Pull Downs (palms up)

  10. Close grip BB bench (like you pointed out already, decline is really good here too, maybe better than flat)

  11. Quote Originally Posted by CHAPS View Post
    Skull crushers
    My fav. here. I do it lying flat with upper arms at a slight angle (leaning toward my head) to really hit the long head of the tris.

  12. CG decline bench
    Weighted dips
    Regular grip, regular speed bench with bands or chains

  13. CG Bench and High rep DB Floor Presses!

  14. Overhead Cable Extensions (rope)
    Oh the burn

  15. Quote Originally Posted by dlew308 View Post
    Overhead Cable Extensions (rope)
    Oh the burn
    Very cool. I actually had that already scheduled for tomorrow's workout
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    Very cool. I actually had that already scheduled for tomorrow's workout
    I'll check your log tomorrow then! Let us know if you like em.

  17. Compounds:
    floor press
    4-5-6 board press
    rack lockouts

    lying dumbell or kettlebell extensions
    rolling tricep extensions

  18. I like quite a few simple exercises for triceps...I have found, that like biceps, triceps respond very well to lifting tempo. Doing v bar or straight bar pressdowns slowly, and really flexing the muscle is much different than forcefully pushing the weight down with your whole body. I like dumbbell extensions behind the head a lot for overall mass and strength, they allow a great stretch and minimal cheating. More so than flat CGBP, I really like taking a cambered bar, meant for pressdowns on the cables, and using a vertical bench press machine. I find it keeps constant tension, and allows more control. Close grip pushups, pad presses, lying barbell extensions, single arm extensions, can't forget dips too. I actually like machine dips more so than bodyweight because I don't think my form is good enough yet. Plus, with machine dips, you can really focus on squeezing the tricep while eliminating the chest, or most of it. Dangit, I love working tri's!:bb:

  19. skullcrushers with EZ bar, super set with incline close grip bp. Being very strict on form seems to be more beneficial for growth rather then squeezing out tons of weight with piss poor form... for my triceps anyway

  20. any tricep exercise that you would do on a flat bench try doing on a decline, you get a better stretch, incorporate more of the triceps due to a longer ranger of motion and often time will be able to use more weight, especially true with close-grip bench

  21. my favorite is seated ez-bar french press

  22. pushdowns, overhead cable extensions, skulls, kickbacks.

    those are my favs or most used, but i have a bunch more that i throw in when im bored of the regs: cg bench, dips, machines

  23. weighted dips...the benifit from these is amazing...

    Tris, Delts, Chest, Back...

  24. Cable Pull Downs (palms up) are the bomb....

  25. Most common ones i use are skull crushers, CG flat, standing push downs w/rope.

    Sometimes ill switch it up with the seated pushdown stack, over head cable ext's w/rope or some misc. machines.

    I have actually been concintrating on tri's for a little now, mainly beacause my right tri is lagging behind in strength. So far its improved with some rep/set variations, but well see how it is this week. Overall, my tri form/gains arent a problem.


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