check my routien out

  1. check my routien out

    day1 Physical Therapy

    day2 back, back delt

    day3 Physical therapy

    day4 chest, front delt

    day5 PT

    day6 Bicepts tricept

    day7 off

    how does this look. When ever i do back and bis or chest and tris, I lack some of the intensity when doing bis and tris.
    I go to physical therapy for my ACL, so i am getting lower body done there.

  2. Looks good. How's PT going?

  3. I have noticed a big difference since they started me on this new routien
    Its going great thanks for asking

    somthing like this

    10 min warm up on bike


    ball scweeze ( scweezing a rubber ball between my knees)

    lying straight leg extentions with a 5 lbs wieght

    balance board

    balance on a fome pad and wave a body blade from my foot and extend

    hamstring machine

    leg press

    single leg squat touching a ball on the gound in a half star pattern

    tread mill

    I think thats about it, maybe one or two more things.

  4. Are they still hooking you up to electrodes shocking the crap out of your quad?

  5. they only hooked me up the the zaper the first few time to help reduce swelling and to break up scar tissue. boy was that **** up comfortable

  6. What kind of injury bro?


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