Shoulder Pain

  1. Shoulder Pain

    Well at 48 and have been lifting for over 20 years it was bound to happen..I have never really had alot of lifting injuries a couple of times i strained my lower back doing deadlifts but other than that nada..

    My shoulder has been bothering me for the past month.
    All im doing is incline bench press and wow does it hurt.It is my right shoulder and it's a deep pain it really hurts if i try to throw a ball.I can put put stress on it and no pain only certain movements and sometimes just standing there my shoulder feels like it's going to fall off.I can pick up a cup of coffee and I will have a severe sharp pain and it goes away

    Anybody have an idea what I might have I am on 5 grams of cissus hoping that will help and no lifting this week..

    I also notice more pain when doing close grip benches if that helps...

  2. you've done somethin to your rotator cuff man. It can be really serious if you dont treat it. Get to a physio, get him to diagnose it than include some rehab excercises in your routine to address it

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