Military Press

  1. Military Press

    I have a problem with military press I cannot get past 90lbs.
    My weight is 156lbs I can squat 160(5x),bench150(5x),bo row 140(5X),and deadlift 200(5x).Every week I add 5-10lbs per exercise.I use Bill Starrs 5x5 routine but I'm stuck military pressing only 90(3x). thanks for any advice

  2. What else do you do for triceps and shoulders? Those could be your weak muscle and they are the primary movers in MP.

  3. 90pound dumbells or 90 pounds on a barbell? You could just be taxing the ever loving hell out of your shoulders which is why you're at a standstill on that exercise.

  4. I do 3 sets of standing curls and 3 sets of weighted dips on Friday only. I use barbells
    Monday-Squats(5x5),barbell benchpress(5x5),Bo row(5x5.)
    Wed Squats(-20% Mondays weight)(5x5), Standing MILITARYPRESS (5x5). and Deadlift(5x5).
    Friday Squats (4x5),(1x3)(add-5lbs from Mondays last set),
    (1x8-same as 3rd set.Ido same for benchpress and BO row.
    Standing curls/Weighted dips(3x8) Agains thank you for the advice Joe

  5. Is your lack of strength in the standing press in your core or shoulder/tricep?

  6. Shoulders


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