Looking for a good strength building workout

  1. Looking for a good strength building workout

    Hey guys this is kinda embarassing but I am horribly weak in the gym.
    I weigh in at about 209 right now and my bench is around 185 for 8 reps and 4 sets, squats are also low 225 for 3x8.

    In real world situations I am pretty strong. I've wrestled with guys stronger than me in the gym and can out power them. I don't know if my form is horrible. I have looked at animated instructions on how to do lifts and mimic the best I can and still no luck.

    So after my current cutting cycle and the time off after it I am going to do a fina/test/slin cycle and use a routine targeted at increasing muscle strength. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the help, I'm sick of being weak in the gym


  3. 6x6 desending pyramid. train 1 part a days 5 days a week. chest, legs, arms, back and shoulders. toss abs in a couple times a week if you want. keep it simple 4-5 diffent exercise per body part. also pick a weight that you know you can only do 6. you shouldnt be able to do 6 more after it at the same weight. drop 5-10lbs depending on the exercise.

  4. I am in the final phase of Ian King's "Limping" and "12 weeks to upper body strength" programs, and after five years of lifting, these programs have given me the best gains in strength I've ever experienced in a relatively short timeframe. You can find the programs in the t-mag archives.


  5. 3 day a week..core lifts only.

    5x5 and NOT til Failure.
    Can give ya a few ideas if necessary.

  6. Originally posted by Inzah Dude
    That's what I would recommend.

  7. If you are interested in bulk and power specifically, check out this forum. Specifically, look at the training logs (pilgrim's progress) and some of the archived routines. The general question section has plenty of ideas too and only 20 pages of stuff to sift through.


  8. Thanks cardinal I'll check it out soon.

    I'm not to worried about mass I can put on muscle weight easily. My primary concern is getting my lifting strength up.


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