1. squat

    i've been doing full squats, but my weight is soo low on it that i look like an idiot in the gym compared to most. i can't even put up 4-45's doing an ass to the grass squat. are these worth it or better for me or should i just go parallel to the ground? my weights are going up very fast in the full squat either

    my reps on it are as follows with 5 sets


  2. Do a strength routine.

  3. Besides, who cares how much you are doing NOW, if you are doing them correctly you will add to the weight over time and your legs will get stronger. Right?

  4. yah, i'm just wondering if full squats are better then going parallel. i can only lift like 70% of my (legs parallel to ground) when doing a full squat. they are so much harder. since i weigh about 190 i feel like a wimp only doing 185 (rep of 4) for a full squat. it does seem to work my glutes more going all the way down. is this the best way to do a squat is what i'm wondering?

  5. oh the rep of 4 of those is after i do my sets of 10, 10, 8, 6, then i'm doing 185 for a full squat. could do so much more weight not going sofar down, but it feels like i work more muscles going all the way *shrugs* just was wondering what you guys do for squats or if you recommend going so far down.

    i've only gotten serious about diet/lifting for almost 2 months

  6. whats your reason for lifting? not questioning your mindset b/c it seems like you just asking the benefits of breaking parallel vs partials. toss the ego aside.....go for the results always. however i believe as long as one's quads is parallel, thats suffiecient enough of a ROM to get a great deal of the benefits from squatting. Breaking the plane, would give your more stretch and resistant work, however, injuries become more of an issue. (ha) but on the flip side, if one keep strict form, injuries should be a minor side thought. Main point: result over ego everytime. Sage

  7. WTF are you people talking about... lol. Come on now, I thought this was superior to BB.com .



  8. my reasons for lifting? well i was special ops in military 5 years ago and then i cracked a vertabrae in my back. have to stay in shape or fussion is very likely. the more in shape i am the better off i am believe it or not. i got out of shape last few years.

    i'm a messo body type and i just st arted getting in shape and gained 15 lbs in last 1.5 months. just got addicted. feel good about myself, look better, like the way girls look at me again, and i feel like king kong

    guess i'm just hooked hehe, those are my main reasons though. i'll be going to school in the fall (24 years old and leaving military) and wanted to get into shape for that also

  9. thank you flavor, thats great reading!!!!!

  10. Originally posted by 2gcorey
    . could do so much more weight not going sofar 
    Yes but you will not break down the quads with a 3/4 squat.

    I go parallel or below.

    Don't worry about the weight.

    It will come in time.

    Squats will improve every aspect of your lifting. Especially adding pounds to your bench press.

    I like doing 12-15 reps for 4 sets.

    When I started squating seriously, I could barely do 150 lbs correctly.

    Now 2-3 years later, I'm repping 315. Hell and I'm pushing 40.

    So keep your chin up and just keep working at it.

    It will take time. But it will improve


  11. Flavor all you did was to reinforce what we had been telling him about going to parallel or lower. But thanks for the extra article

  12. i didnt really read the whole thread cause it had a lot but i would be careful doing below parallel squats.. very easy to injure you knees that way.. as your weight goes up youll prolly have to wrap them.. i do em parallel and so far they are growing very nicely..

  13. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    i didnt really read the whole thread cause it had a lot but i would be careful doing below parallel squats.. very easy to injure you knees that way.. as your weight goes up youll prolly have to wrap them.. i do em parallel and so far they are growing very nicely..
    Not quite, Matthew D... lol...

    LakeMountD, that's utter crap, pure myth, and fantasy. Read the rest of the thread, or at least the link I referenced in one of my earlier posts. The worst thing you can do is go to parallel. Go above, go below, but don't go to it.

  14. Hm... OK guys here's a curveball for you : I have 2 torn ligaments in my right knee. Does that mean I can also gain from going full?

    Now I'm really wondering. I did notice that I was spending nearly one full second reversing the movement at parallel... A really weird feeling of mushiness at the bottom of the movement...

    I'mma try full squats and let you know! Geez I love this board!

  15. From the article he mentioned some exercises for the shoulders, as I have the problem he mentioned.  What exercises can I do to work the teres minor and infraspinatus, as I have been going lighter on presses but full movement.  


  16. I do ass to grass, well as low as I can go. I'm flat footed too. I believe it's actually helped my knees. Sometimes I had problems with them before, most likely to do with being flat footed. However, no I only have problems if I smash them on something. My vote: Ass to Grass!


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