I call it double preexhaust

I do warmup sets on the incline press, then in the dumbell press, then in the dumbell fly. usually one very light set and one moderately heavier set in the incline. Then a warmup set in the dumbell press. Then one warmup set with the fly.

I would then do one set to failure around ten reps in the flat or low incline fly with a rep speed of about 2 up and 2 down.

I would then do dumbell press with a slightly heavier dumbell and do a rep speed of around 5 up and 5 down to failure.

I would then do incline press to failure with the weight already set , sometimes it might be a lighter weight for high reps, or a lighter weight and do ten up and ten down

I sometimes would do bench, then dumbell after the fly or use machines.

It was pretty much warmup sets and then one set to failure with 3 diff exercises with very little rest inbetween the sets of fly, and press.

I also did this for legs, shoulders, back, arms.