1. Edt?????

    Who here has even heard of it. Or who has even tried it. I started it this week.. Check it out and tell me what you think.. TTY




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  2. i've read the articles. i think that it is an innovative way to approach increasing volume from week to week to get long term gains. perhaps people are way to used to lifting the same reps and sets and rest periods and this is a good way for them to improve. i think that the greatest contribution of this is to view increasing volume week to week in a different way. there really isn't anything revolutionary about increasing volume, but charles staley's writting style may get through to alot of people who would otherwise be ignoring this element of training. even though the EDT is mostly marketing to sell books on his behalf, the principles are sound and charles is an excellent trainer and writer whom i have the greatest respect for. by the way, ian king does something similar in a different way. he keeps you from going to failure in the first week, close to it in the second week, and all out in the third week instead of always pushing hard and overtraining. two different methods to attack the same problem, they both work, so use them.

    cheers, pete

  3. Looks pretty good in theory, I'll just have to try it and see how it works because I train very differently. I rarely end up doing more than 10 reps per set but it works well for me.

  4. I am trying Bryce Lane's version of EDT right now. So far I have only been consistently using it for squat specialization as that is my biggest weakness by far.

    It can be very tough to recover from. I am still adjusting. I am actually shooting for doing squats once every 4 days rather than 2X per week.

    Here is a link to Bryce's version for those that haven't seen it before... http://home.attbi.com/~joandbryce/it_all.htm

    MeatPlow renewed my interest in the idea with a post he had recently in the powerlifting forum at bbing.com. You can find his log at the Power and Bulk forums as well.

    My personal opinion is that there isn't enough justification for doing machine based exercises on this program. I think compound movements with free weights would give the 'best' probability of success using any form of EDT.

    Let me know how Staley's version works out for you curt2go.

  5. I don't use macjine on any. Unless its a cable movement TTY
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  6. How's it working so far curt? I know you only started like 2 weeks ago but...


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