1. calves???

    ok i have another problem, besides forarm growth my calves totally suck. the muscle is very high and from what i understand that is just genetics and its something illl never be able to change. is this true? ive been beating my calves lately and nothing is happening.

  2. I've heard that if you stretch them all the way down at the bottom of each rep, it can make SOME difference as to their shape... Use a weight heavy enough to make the reps difficult to perform all the way from the bottom and not only at the tip-toe end.

    Train calves 3x a week at LEAST.

  3. Originally posted by good_guye28
    ive been beating my calves lately and nothing is happening.

    Calves can take high reps all day. The muscle fiber in your calf loves that.

    You need to overload the calf muscle.

    Put as much weight on a smith machine as you can handle doing standing

    calf raises with two feet. Make sure you have a block that allows you to stretch

    the calf beyond horizontal as you bring down the weight.

    Go up with two feet  take one away and come down slowly with one foot.

    Do 3-4 sets rep out each time both sides.

    Do the same thing seated. You can also do this on a 45 deg sled to hit different




  4. Performing the complete ROM lengthens the muscle.

  5. seated calf raise will help with size



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