Looking for a new workout...any suggestions?

  1. Looking for a new workout...any suggestions?


    I have been doing the following workout for about 2 months now, and I am ready to switch things up a bit. Looking for some suggestions on a good workout to start with my pheradrol/mega zol cycle. One of my biggest problems is that I workout in my basement, and all I have is dumbells, a incline/decline/flat bench (no bar or anything just the bench), and a pullup/dip machine. Here is what I am currently doing:

    Mondays - Chest/Tri's

    Flat Dumbell Bench - 4 Sets of 10
    Incline Dumbell Bench - 3 Sets of 10
    Incline Dumbell Flys - 3 Sets of 10
    Dips - 3 Sets of 10
    Dumbell Skull Crushers - 3 Sets of 10
    Overhead Dumbell Press - 3 Sets of 10

    Tuesday - Shoulders

    Dumbell Shoulder Press - 3 Sets of 10
    Arnold Dumbell Press - 3 Sets of 10
    -Hold two dumbbells in front of you at about upper chest level with your palms facing your body and your elbows flexed. Raise dumbbells by extending elbows; abduct and internally rotate shoulders to straight arm position. Lower to original position and repeat.
    Lateral/Front Raises - 3 Sets of 10
    Upright Row - 3 Sets of 10


    Thursday - Biceps

    Dumbell Curls - 4 Sets of 10
    Hammer Curls - 3 Sets of 10
    Incline Dumbell Curls - 3 Sets of 10

    Friday - Back

    Superman - 3 Sets of 10
    Stiff-Legged Dumbell Deadlift - 3 Sets of 10
    Bent over Dumbell Row - 3 Sets of 10
    Incline Bench Pull - 3 Sets of 10

    I also do HIIT running on the treadmill 4-5 times per week, and do an ab workout 2-3 times per week. I want to get a squat rack, but haven't been able too yet, anyone know how to get good leg workouts in with just dumbells?

    I am sure this workout could use LOTS of help, so please feel free to give any advice that comes to mind. Thanks for the help guys!

  2. First, don't work your delts after chest/tris and your back after bis. I am personally a fan of this split
    Mon- Chest/ Bis
    Tue- Legs
    Thur- Back
    Fri or Sat- Tris/delts

    A good DB leg routine is to do lunges, unilateral SLDL, step-ups and jump squats.

  3. thanks rodja, never really thought of this before. im going to give that leg workout a go today too!

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