For Wider, Rounder Delts

  1. For Wider, Rounder Delts

    Old-school training mags used to call them cannonball delts - shoulders that look big and round from all angles. In this article, Tim Wescott shows an effective routine for getting those huge shoulders, whether you're a beginner or an advanced trainer.
    For Wider, Rounder Delts | Mind and Muscle

  2. My delts are in pain reading that.
    Great link, thanks!

  3. M-and-M is such a great source of information for training, nutrition, and supplements.

  4. Interesting, but both of my rotator cuffs started twinging when I read behind-the-neck presses. I think I heard my left supraspinatus say, "don't even think about it a-hole!".

  5. i love doing behind the neck presses. i only bring the bar down to ear level, then back up. have you tried warming up your rotator cuffs first?

  6. I have previously torn my right rotator cuff, it's unracking the barbell that gives me trouble. then again it was pulling back too fair that ripped it.

    stupid doctor told me i wouldn't be able to press ever again or overhead movements.

    i gotta try this delt workout, need something to shock em. no growth for awhile now

  7. I tried this workout today and it was pretty intense. Instead of doing the Bradford presses I am going to do front presses next time. I need to work my front delts a little more. This routine mostly focuses on your medial delts. The behind the back lateral raises were a very good change for my usual routine. I am going to incorporate them more.

  8. I tried this routine today! BRUTAL!!!

    Those Bradford presses were murder! My last shoulder w/o I used 65 DB's for 8 reps. Today I was doing 75 lbs (TOTAL - WITH the bar!) for these and I was straining! It was a great workout. I could see much more pump in my rear and side delts!

    Reps to you Quinc for posting! Thanks bro!


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