lying leg curl...back injury?

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    lying leg curl...back injury?

    Hey Guys,

    last saturday was my leg day, everything was going good until I hit the lying leg curl machine, this one is not the the flat bench style but the style where it splits in the middle so your legs are at almost a 45 degree downwards angle, and your prop your upper body with the forearm pads. I never really liked this machine as it always felt alittle ackward being 6'4. But out of all the hamstring machines at my gym its the most comfortable. My form felt pretty good, head facing down, neutral spine, etc but I guess I was wrong because the last couple reps of my second set I felt a sharp pain on my right side lower back right above my waist. Third day and I feel better but sometimes I will still get a pulse of the sharp pain on the right side. I am thinking something with the hip flexors. What are some of the common injuries that can result from bad form on this machine? I really doubt it could be a spinal injury but could be possible with this type of machine? It has def made me think of alternatives for hamstrings, any recommendations would be great, currently my leg day consits of

    leg extension
    hack squat
    leg press
    lying leg curl
    seated weighted calf raises


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    You'd be giving up very little if you gave up the leg curl machine forever. Romanian deadlifts and pull-throughs are both much more effective exercises. If you have access to a glute-ham raise those are great. Good luck with your injury.

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