early morning workouts

  1. early morning workouts

    Anyone here workout early in the morning before work. If so, how do you do it? What do you take pre workout? When do you eat breakfast?
    I recently got a new job and do not have time to workout after work.

  2. I've been working out in the AM for over a year. I roll out of bed ~5:30am. I usually have all my stuff ready and pre-mixed the night before so I don't have to waste any time doing that stuff (clothes, mp3 player, shakes, supplements, etc.).

    I've been taking Scorch + Yohimbine pre-workout for awhile. It does a good job of pepping me up. I take it directly upon waking (before getting dressed).

    I also start drinking Xtend about 5:45. I get to the gym ~6-6:15. It takes a little more warming up to get the CNS up to animal mode.

    Workout until ~8:00am. I have my shake ready in the car on the way home. Shower, get dressed for work, eat breakfast ~8:40. I'm at work by 9:00. I only live about 3 min from my office, though.

  3. i workout in the AM. when i wake up i have take my creatine, and eat oats and whey protein. about 20 minutes later i take whatever stims im taking that day (caffeine, tyrosine, yohimbe or ephedrine), and about 20 minutes after that i hit the weights.

  4. I also work out in the morning. I have a tough time eating really early in the am. Can anyone suggest something to help, I do not want to comprimise my strength because I am running on empty

  5. I wake up 1 hour pre-workout, drink a home-prepared MRP (oat flour & whey), go back to sleep for another 1/2 hour or so, grab some stims and BCAA's and hit the gym.
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  6. I wake up at 4:30. Soon as I wake up I have AP, two glasses of water, half of a stim X, shot of clout, two cups of coffee, shot of protein and a orange. At the gym by 5:30 roaring to go. Workout is done by 6:25 hit the shower then drink post-workout shake on the way to work. Get to work by 7 eat some turkey sausage and oatmeal til 2.5 - 3 hours later.

  7. How do you take a half of a StimX? It's a capsule?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80 View Post
    How do you take a half of a StimX? It's a capsule?
    I open the capsule up and sprinkle some of it out, then put the capsule back together. If I leave it full I won't be able to sleep that night.

  9. I've been doing this...

    wake up at 8... immediately drink protein shake
    845 drink my preworkout supp... either NO Xplode, SuperPump etc
    work out 9-10 while sipping BCAAs
    10-10:20 do cardio
    10:20 drink my PWO shake of 60g carbs 30g protein
    10:45 come home and have a "real meal"

    I'm going to take some advice I just got on another forum and add some carbs to my wakeup-shake... probably just a half cup of oats.


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