hyperplasia through training?

  1. hyperplasia through training?

    Is this possible? I feel naturally I can't go past a certain point and I read that the only way to do this is through IGF-1. There isn't any training modifications the can produce hyperplasia?

  2. Training can only lead to hypertrophy, not hyperplasia.

  3. As insulin binds to IGF-1R you could argue it's possible to induce hyperplasia naturally.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Training can only lead to hypertrophy, not hyperplasia.
    Are you sure? I have read it leads to both, with lower reps favouring hyperplasia.

  5. You could try hanging weights off your arms for 20 some hours per day. I think that's what they did to birds and it produced hyperplasia.

  6. it's part of the idea behind DC extreme stretching.

  7. As far as I have read, this is still an unknown. There are studies on both sides of the fence.

  8. Well, I beleive hyperplasia can occure through training.
    High reps. Hyperplasia occurs naturally in the first place, what makes it stop?
    There is a study I found on the muscle cross sections of swimmers' delts, compared. Obviously, while fiber size is not increased, the amount was. coincidence?
    let me see if I ca ndig up my old ass thread...

    mind you, this "seems" like back in the day... so be nice :P It does talk about maxamizing hyperplasia when using IGF, as well as training methoeds, and some natural references...

    IGF-1 Training protocal: Hyperplasia

  9. I remember a study from back in college. A couple younger guys that had died in car accidents had both left their bodies to science for study. Just regular guys I believe, not big lifters. The researchers disected both anterior tibs on the guys. In both, their dominant legs had around 20% more fibers than the non-dominant legs.

    But then you've got the chicken-and-the-egg thing. Were they born with more fibers in one leg, thus causing that leg to become dominant -or- did they develope more finbers in that leg because it was dominant. More than likely it's the later one, but no way to prove it in humans at the moment.


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