"Systematic Destruction" workout

  1. "Systematic Destruction" workout

    I don't know if it has a name or not, so I just christened it. I read a few years ago a very, very different workout, one that promised to add 1" of muscle to the arms IN JUST ONE WORKOUT.

    Of course I was skeptical. Basically what they advised was working the arms with alternating biceps/triceps sets of 8-12 for 20 minutes, say 2 exercices each. Then take a 40 minute break.

    Then do it again.

    And again.

    And again...

    And again...

    ...and so on, something like 8 or 10 times in the SAME DAY!

    And the article also said to take a few days off from ANY lifting afterwards, and at least 7 days no arm work. (duh?)

    Anyone tried this insanity? Any thoughts?

  2. http://www.testosterone.net/html/30odac.html

    I believe you're talking about the One Day Arm Cure. I tried it once, and gained a little bit less than 1/4" on each of my arms in terms of permament growth. Worth a shot if you're totally desperate.

  3. Sheesh, if that avatar is YOU, then 1/4" is still pretty nice :-)

    Thanks for the info dude.

  4. Yeah bro, i'm Pam Anderson

    I'm Male, no need to worry.

  5. Damn that is crazy as hell, guess it doesn't surprise me that Poliquin is behind it (the volume king!). I'll try that sometime actually, when I'm at a plateau.

  6. Loving the new avatar weave. Supertroopers was a funny ass movie...

  7. Originally posted by Sheesh
    Loving the new avatar weave. Supertroopers was a funny ass movie...
    hell yeah, cracks me up every time I hear the word "meow" still


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