help me out with my split.

  1. help me out with my split.

    ok so i will be going to cancun for a week during that time i will not workout so figured i will try to go hard an me and then just recover during my vacation.I will be leaving in two weeks.Whith split would you recommend me? Iam looking to loosing some bf but not much

    Thanks in advance

    whith split would you recomend more?
    t-run for 20-30 min - abs
    thu-run for 20-30 min - abs
    sat-run for 20-30 min - abs

    during this split i will run and do my abs evryday in the morning and wait 8 hours before hiting weights

  2. I would do:

    m-back-biceps-forearm-posterior delts - 20min cardio after
    t-run for 30 min - abs
    w-chest-triceps-anterior delts - 20 mins cardio after
    thu-run for 30 min - abs
    f-legs - lateral delts- 20 mins cardio after
    sat-run 30 min - abs

    Or that with half the cardio either 30 mins on off days, or 20 mins after a workout.

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