HI cardio (notice there are not 2 Is)

  1. HI cardio (notice there are not 2 Is)

    are the intervals really nesesary (sp?)...today in the cross trainer I managed to reach 93% of my HR capacity (without the intervals)...So iwas wondering if doing 15minutes of high intensity cardio (really high intensity) would yield the same results thansk for the help!


  2. c'mon


  3. I don't think it would be the same, not necessarily worse, but I think part of the advantages of HIIT cardio come from the fact that you are constantly changing the load on your body, and not giving it a chance to get into a rhythm for the cardio really.

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  4. At that intensity constantly you'd be burning away quite a bit of that hard-earned muscle.

  5. hmmm according to ErickS's article you'd have to do more than 20 minutes to burn muscle...
    could u show some studies (if u have them...it's not that I don't believe u I just wanna learn more )



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