Poll: Which Exercise to Start Chest Workout?

What Exercise Do You Start Chest With

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  1. What Exercise Do You Start Chest With

    What exercise do you use to start your chest workout? I know its kind of a stupid question but I've always started with flat bench but I'm wondering what kind of success people have with other exercises.

  2. incline bench - my upper pecs need a lot of work

  3. I start with incline DB.

  4. incline db

  5. I change it every week, been training so long if I do the same workout two weeks in a row my body adapts and I will not be sore in wk3.

    I rotate something like this

    Incline DB
    Flat BB
    Weighted Dips
    Flat DB

  6. believe it or not....warm up with db flys

  7. Furious masturbation.

    Assuming you mean warmups, I usually start and end with Dips.

    Not counting warmups, I start with whatever area needs the most work (upper, middle, lower).
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Furious masturbation.
    Absolutely kills my workout if i do it within like 3 hours of going to the gym. Interesting idea of doing dips first though; i've never done them anything but last

  9. incline benches all the way,
    flat benches
    since i stopped flt benching about 4 or 5 months ago my chest started improving

  10. A few rotator cuff exercises
  11. bench

    most of the good strength coaches say to warm up then do your regular bench work and then alternate assistance work regularly. like bench/inlines/pressdowns or bench/dips/skullcrushers. charles poloquin and also westside have exellent routines you can try.

  12. Push Ups!!

  13. cable fly.

  14. Straight bench. I like to get it out of the way first.

  15. Flat bench - the main exercise for chest. You need all your strength for it

  16. I start with the dumbell presses. As a side note to dsade's comment, I like my masturbation post-workout

  17. Quote Originally Posted by jminis View Post
    A few rotator cuff exercises

    x2. This makes a world of difference for me.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by SnapmoneyR2 View Post
    I change it every week...
    Same here; I like to switch it up every workout.

  19. i switch between flys and incline to start sometimes starting with flys really makes it burn

  20. Incline db
    start with dips sometimes to change it up

  21. Quote Originally Posted by gdbear65 View Post
    incline bench - my upper pecs need a lot of work
    that is one great avy bro Incline hammer chest press
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Flat bench - the main exercise for chest. You need all your strength for it
    Only if you are lowering the bar to your clavicle with your elbows flared out. Other wise, the bench press is a great triceps and shoulder exercise.

    I prefer the Incline press for chest development.

  23. incline DB or cable crossovers. Either way those are always my first two exercises.

  24. ive always been starting with flat benching, but i havent been experiencing any substantial chest growth... a lot of good ideas here.

    generally the first exercise you do for any muscle has the greatest effect on strengthening and enhancing that body part. to add mass to the upper chest, it seems like incline presses should be a good starting exercise.

    but then again, its important to change it up often i guess

  25. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Flat bench - the main exercise for chest. You need all your strength for it
    Totally agree.


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