Muscle Confusion or The ‘Non – Routine’ Routine

  1. Muscle Confusion or The ‘Non – Routine’ Routine

    Great article if your your stuck in the same routine and not seeing results.

    Muscle Confusion or The ‘Non – Routine’ Routine by Tim Wescott

  2. Hey Quinc!

    Welcome to AM bro - these articles are great! You should post stuff like this in the 'Exercise Science' forum - it will get a lot more interest there.

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  3. I havent yet bought the muscle confusion principle, I know a lot of people believe in it, but from peoples experiences does it really work? keeping in mind a pump doesnt signify a good workout.

    I have heard that if you train within a restricted range of motion that you will be weaker outside that range of motion although there is a buffer where the strength carries over abit more then the range of motion but not by too much.

    I know that a lot of body parts contain muscles you never knew where there, theres 3-4 muscles for chest, 3 for triceps(obviously), 3-4 for the bicep area, these can all be targetting diffrently, but I dont see the purpose of targetting 1 muscle from a diffrent angle unless your using a diffrent ROM, for example, pec dec vs seated cable flies.
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  4. Thanks Big!

    Reason for switching up your routine is your body adapts to it. so you switch it up and now your body has to adapt to something new. But hey if your happy with the routine you have now and your seeing the results you want then stick with it.

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