Best workout excercises

  1. Best workout excercises

    Best Workout Exercises

    by Eric Knight B.A. Hon. Kinesiology, CPT

    Electromyographical (EMG) Research is an essential research tool allowing physiologists to determine the role of muscles during specific movements. EMG is a scientific method of measuring the level of excitation. This is done by placing electrodes over your body and recording the level of muscle activity induced by an exercise. A study was conducted to find which exercises cause the greatest amount of activity within each muscle group and, as a consequence, determine which exercises will produce the greatest gains in mass and strength. This study was conducted by Tudor O. Bompa, PhD & Lorenzo J. Cornacchia. Both men and women were used in the sudy and all subjects had at least two years experience with resistance training.

    Here are the results of that study:
    (100% would signify maximum muscle fiber stimulation)

    Pectoralis Sternal
    Decline dumbbell bench press ----------------93%
    Decline bench press, Olympic bar(OB)---------89
    Push-ups between benches --------------------88
    Flat dumbbell bench press -------------------87
    Flat bench press (OB) -----------------------85
    Flat dumbbell flyes --------------------------84

    Pectoralis Clavicular
    Incline dumbbell bench press ----------------91%
    Incline bench press (OB) --------------------85
    Incline dumbbell flyes -----------------------83
    Incline bench press (smith machine) ---------81

    Medial Deltoids
    Incline dumbbell (db) side laterals ----- 66%
    Standing db side laterals -------63
    Seated db side laterals -----62
    Cable side laterals -----47

    Posterior Deltoids
    Standing db bent laterals ----- 85%
    Seated db bent laterals -----83
    Standing cable bent laterals -----77

    Anterior Deltoids
    Seated front db press -----79%
    Standing front db raises -----73
    Seated front barbell press -----61

    Biceps brachii (long head)
    Preacher curls (Ob) -------------------- 90%
    Incline seated Db curls (alternate) ------ 88
    Standing biceps curls (Ob/narrow grip)--- 86
    Standing Db curls (alternate) ----------- 84
    Concentration Db curls ------------------ 80
    Standing curls (Ob/wide grip)------------ 63
    Standing E-Z curls (wide grip) ----------- 61

    Triceps brachii (outer head)
    Decline extensions (Ob) ------------------ 92%
    Triceps pressdowns (angled bar) ----------- 90
    Dips with a bench --------------------------87
    One-arm cable extensions (reverse grip) - 85
    Overhead rope extensions ------------------ 85
    Seated one-arm Db extensions (neutral grip)- 82
    Close-grip bench press (Ob) --------------- 72

    Latissimus dorsi (back)
    Bent-over Bb rows ---------------------------93%
    One-arm Db rows -----------------------------91
    T-bar rows ----------------------------------89
    Lat pulldowns to the front ------------------86
    Seated pulley rows --------------------------83

    Rectus femoris (quads)
    Safety squats (90 degree angle, shoulder width stance) ----88%
    seated leg extensions (toes straight) -------86
    Hack squats (90 degree angle, shoulder width stance) ----78
    Leg press (110 degree angle) ----------------76
    Smith machine (90 degree angle, shoulder width stance) ----60

    Biceps femoris (hamsring)
    Standing leg curls --------------------------82%
    Lying leg curls -----------------------------71
    Seated leg curls ----------------------------58
    Modified hamstring deads --------------------56

    Semitendinosus (inner hamstring)
    Seated leg curls ----------------------------88
    Standing leg curls --------------------------79
    Lying leg curls -----------------------------70
    Modified hamstring deads --------------------63

    Gastrocnemius (calf muscle)
    Donkey raises -------------------------------80
    Standing one-leg raises ---------------------79
    Standing two-leg raises ---------------------68
    Seated raises -------------------------------61

  2. I have seen a few of these and the numbers seem to always vary. I wonder if the placement of the patch and the adhesive used has anything to do with the variation in the numbers?

  3. I think it would probly vary from study to study due to form and individual makeup and probly from diffrent emg machines. But if its listing the exercises in diffrent order then I wouldnt have a clue.

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