What do your Calves respond best to?

  1. What do your Calves respond best to?

    I know calves are kind of a neglected bodypart. For those of you who do train calves seriously what are you seeing the best gains with as far as training calves. I have recently started making my calves a focal point of my training hitting them several times per week using supersets, drop sets, and straight sets to try and spark some growth. While it's too soon to notice differences I just wanted to know what people find their calves respond best to? What type of Rep schemes and shocking methods have you succeeded with?

    High Volume/High Frequency
    High Volume/Low Frequency


  2. I have responded by going for 15-20 rep range and squeezing the calf at the top of the lift for 5 seconds on the last few reps of each set

  3. Overweight people do have big calves, maybe this is the answer?

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