Cable vs. Dumbell Flys

  1. Question Cable vs. Dumbell Flys

    Another newb question here - I'm looking to expand my chest workout a bit. I've primarily been doing flat, incline and decline DB and BB (varies w/each workout, typically 3 sets of 4 exercises). In any event, I'd like to add a fly exercise to my routine, and I would appreciate any member feedback on DB flys vs Cable flys - what you do or don't like about them and any differences you've noted in results between the two.

    Thanks for any responses.

  2. what about pec dec?

  3. I like dumbell anything over cable anything but I'm old school like that.

  4. i'm with ww7...except about being from the OLD school..heh ahem...anyways, i like db because you get a better stretch. Also, cable flyes are rough on my shoulders so i tend to avoid 'em. I use peck deck as a change of pace. Besides, you can do incline, decline, flat bench flyes so theres more variety.

  5. Well, you can do any angle with cables as well. When in doubt, go with DB's, with any exercise. Free weights are simply better. The cable version does offer resistance at full contraction, which is obviously a plus. It doesn't have the benefits of free weights, though. Try em both, rotate between the two, experiment.

  6. I alternate between pec deck and DB fly's (flat and incline). I don't put too much stress on them though, basically and end of chest workout thing to ensure fatigue

  7. Yeah, I tried incline DB flys last night, really stretched the hell out of my chest - definitely feeling more sore than normal today.

    Thanks for the advice.


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