What is the most effective way to get a six pack?

  1. What is the most effective way to get a six pack?

    When I started weightlifting, I was ectomorphic and my abs were clearly showing. After my first couple years of lifting and nutrition and exercise science research (40 pounds up), I am now clearly mesomorphic and have a great proportionate build BUT despite my high metabolism, my six pack is no more (unless my stomach hits the light just right). Now that I'm satisfied with my muscular strength and appearance, I would like my abs to be chiseled in about a month.

    My first experience was doing inclide sit ups holding a 35 to my chest for about 20 minutes once a week, but all that did was build my obliques and push my abs out further than my chest. My next experience was simply doing cardio 20 minutes a day to "lose the fat", but after 4 weeks of no success, I realized that with 8% body fat, I didn't have much to lose. Recently, I've been doing various ab workouts for about 15 minutes once a week, but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick either.

    Does anybody have any suggestions or successful methods they have used in the past?

  2. back in my younger days when I was still thin and bulking up, I bought a book called legendary abs II. I followed those exercises and I did have a six pack Sadly, I lost the book when I moved out. It's $$$ to buy used.

    Someday I'll have my six pack back

    Here it is online haha but it's not in english =/


  3. Make sure you are keeping up with ab exercises... The only thing that is going to make your six pack show through, is lowered bf% though :/

  4. how about frequency? would it be beneficial to work them out EOD instead of once a week like other larger muscles?

  5. I did them 3 times a week, I don't think it matters if you do it before or after your normal workout. I usually do them when I wake up in the morning.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sublimejeh View Post
    Make sure you are keeping up with ab exercises... The only thing that is going to make your six pack show through, is lowered bf% though :/
    This point can't be stressed enough. Unless your BF is under control, you'll never see your abs. Remember, there is no such thing as site specific fat loss exercises. Doing all the sit ups in the world won't reduce your abdominal fat. It will build your abdominal muscles, but WON'T reveal them.

    To get rid of stubborn bodyfat...especially those last few seemingly impossible pounds, try HIT style cardio. It's second to none IMO when it comes to getting a wash board stomach.

    3-4 days per week, 20 min sessions. I find sprints to be the most effective. YOUR Intensity is what will make or break it so be sure your stretched out and ready to work ;-)

    Hope this helps,


  7. I didn't realize you could change from one body type to another. Ecto to Meso, etc. Is this true? I'm not trying to be funny, I've just never heard that before.

  8. IMO situps are nothing more than wasted efforts.

    You need to do your cardio and compound exercises. As workin' mentioned, it's all about getting your BF under control. Core work is a scam. Front squats, deadlifts, and goodmornings are all the core work I need.
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