Hi everyone this is my first post on this or any forum for that matter and I was hoping to get some feedback on this routine I was going to start.
It's basically an upper lower split but done as a set of circuits. all weights are around a 12 RM. each set is done to failure or at least one short of failing. it's 3 excercise for non-related body parts done back to back with a 1 -2 minute rest between circuits then repeated for a total of 3 sets before switching excercises and going again.
Day 1 (upper)
Incline dumbell press 1x12 move immediatly to
bent over rows 1x12 move immediatly to
side laterals 1x12 rest 1-2 minutes and repeat circuit 2 more times (keeping the weights the same i imagine your reps might drop off by a couple on each successive set). then rest long enought to set up your next 3 stations.
circuit 2
flat machine presses 1x12 move to
wide grip lat pulldowns to the front 1x12 then
dumbell upright rows for 1 set of 12.
repeat twice more.
same rest intervals as above keeping the weights the same on all 3 circuits
circuit 3
triceps pressdowns 1x12 move immediatly to
barbell curls 1x12 then to
machine shrugs 1x12
rest and repeat 2 more times and call it a day

Day 2 (lower)
Squats 1x 12 move immediatly to
lying leg curls 1x12 then to
standing calf raises 1x12
rest 2 minutes and repeat twice more

I could add another circuit on this day but right now my cardio sucks and this will probably leave me on the floor gasping for air.
I train at home so losing machines and having to wait isn't an issue.
I was thinking this would be a good workout to slash some body fat and was looking to train about 4 days a week.
any of the above excercises can be substituted for another as long as it isn't repeated in the same training session.
Any thoughts or critisisms on this would be appreciated.